WARNING: Shotgun Sports Can Be Extremely

Symptoms May Include Some or All of the Following:

Your gun case is 40’ long, powered by Cat diesel and
comfortably sleeps two

Your financial advisor figures in the cost of ammo when
calculating your retirement needs

You’ve constructed an ATA legal trap field in your back

The only time you get the mail is when you’re expecting a
credit card statement you don’t want your other half to
see first

You’re on a “first name basis” with European gun makers

You believe “Shotgun Weddings” are a good thing

The CEO of Krieghoff sends you a birthday card every

You have attended more than three shooting clinics in
as many years

You’re shotgun’s stock costs more and looks nicer than
your dining room furniture

You’re homeowners insurance carrier made you sign a
waiver due to the amount of primers and powder you
keep in the garage

You have an FFL just to make buying shotguns for
personal use faster and easier

You schedule your vacation time from work around
shooting events...a year in advance.

You’ve considered consulting a plastic surgeon about
stock fitting

You have a license plate frame or bumper sticker that
says “I’d Rather Be Shooting”

You actually like the smell of nitro solvent and bore

The vanity plate on your car is the name of your gun

·It takes you no more than five seconds to decide
whether to spend the weekend with your gun or your

You mentally calculate the lead, shot size and choke
required to blast every flying object you see

·        You’ve achieved a GRAND SLAM in trap shooting...