The mark that trapshooters had tried nine years
to enter in the record books was made July 19 at
the Cortez ( Colo. ) Trap Club by a man who had
attempted the feat for just one week and 300
targets. It was on this date that Lt. Col. E. S.
Throckmorton, shooting for the third time from
27yards-smashed 100 straight from that
maximum back-yardage to rewrite the
trapshooting record book. It was the first time in
the history of the 27-yard line (which was
introduced in 1955) that a shooter had
accomplished this feat.

And after nine years of no one being able to
establish this record, another shooter did the
same thing within 11 days. This time it was a
shooter who himself had been trying for those
nine years. In that period he had registered 11
near-perfect 99s from the 27-yard line, but he
had never be able to get that elusive 100. But on
July 30 at the Denver , Colorado Municipal T&SC
during the preliminary handicap of the Mile-Hi
shoot, Dan Orlich smashed all his handicap
clays from the maximum 27. Orlich, one of the
stars of the trapshooting world since his entry
into it in 1952, lost one 16-yard target the day he
broke all of them from the 27. The very next day,
Friday, July 31, he proceeded to break
everything thrown at him-which included 100
singles and 100 doubles. This was the fifth time
in ATA registered records that Orlich had broken
100 straight in doubles, and the first time one
man had ever accomplished such a feat.

Starts Shooting in 1956

Lt. Col. Throckmorton, a native of Missouri who
has lived most frequently in Texas the past few
years and who is now moving to Nebraska,
joined the ATA in 1952 (the same year as Orlich)
but did not start shooting until 1956. He is an
18-year Army man, currently with USA Artillery. A
past director of the Texas State Trap
Association, Throckmorton has attended two
Grand Americans, last year winning Class A in a
preliminary singles race. In 1961 he was the
Texas state singles champion, and he has won
out-of-state awards in Pennsylvania and

Lt. Col. Throckmorton had not shot at Cortez
since July 1963, and then he broke 97 in the
handicap to be moved back to the 26-yard line.
Seventeen days short of one year later, he
broke 98 from 26 at Ent R&GC at Colorado
Springs to be moved back to the 27. He had shot
2,800 targets from the 26 between those dates.
On July 12 this year he shot at his first 100
registered birds from the 27-yard line, with an 89
result. This was at the Pueblo T&SC.

On July 17 he broke 94 from 27 at Cortez, and
two days later rewrote the record books with the
perfect score.